Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Application, the Jury, and the Decision

Two weeks ago on Saturday, I packed up my art dolls into their respective “coffins” for careful transporting. I also packed up four of my WhineStoppers and Whiney Hineys. Off we went to the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts to apply for membership in the Craftsmen’s Guild of Pittsburgh. That day was one of Pittsburgh’s finest, sunny, and warm…in April that is unheard of. We (soul mate and me) arrived early (of course, my M.O.) because the parkway east was under construction (for a change) and one never knows. It felt like a job interview. When the 2-D studio doors opened, I set up my “children” for the viewing and the judging by five jurors. $15. Reluctantly leaving them like on the first day of pre-school, we inched ourselves out the studio door to enjoy lunch and shopping in close-by Shadyside. Happily sated, we returned at 3pm and gathered my babies for the trip home. I was told that notification would come following week. I felt positive about it. That was April 10. I waited….and waited, checking email, checking snail mail…until today. I got an email from the guild and IGOT IN! Not only did I get in, my scores (over 122) also qualify me for automatic participation in the "Fair in the Park" in September! How cool is that?

I will now be scrambling to purchase a festival tent, display, signage, and increase my inventory to have enough for three days! To the studio I go…in the studio I will stay!

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