Sunday, January 31, 2010

THE Color Purple!

Almost a cliché thanks to Oprah, but the color purple is an ongoing theme in my life and for no other reason than I like the color - alot. It's the color of royalty. However, when I mention that concept to friends I get those bad juju looks with a side of stink eye!

Dwelling. Anyway,  I have many rooms in my home painted varying shades—fireplace wall, dining room, one living room wall, and my bedroom. Funny thing though, my studio is painted in red, yellow and chartreuse (radio-active) green. But, I still have one wall that is screaming stark white...

My hair. Yep! I have purple sections in my hair taken from my paint palette instead of Clairol. You may think it qualifies for one of those acts of teenage defiance, but, it's really kinda dark and subtle. I get weird looks, but more compliments. The latter helps me to justify the monthly salon cost, and I thrive on weird looks.

My official business name. Purple Barn Studios. I love barns. I've always wanted my studio in a barn just outside my back door. My BFF (Watercolor Annie) has a barn and I keep bugging her about making her art studio out there. It’s an excellent barn, too, stately poised at the back of her land—and three stories high. Wow. My neighborhood has one of those dreadful covenants—so, there will be no real barn for me that would hold anything more than a shovel and weedwacker. For now my purple barn lives inside me, but not for too long. More about this later...

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Today is the first full moon of 2010. Of all the eight phases of the moon; the full moon has the strongest influence on human behavior—our feelings, emotions, and desires. The full moon also increases our activity and it is the phase of the biggest abundance. The January moon is called a Wolf Moon. This name comes from the wolf packs that would howl outside the villages of Native Americans during the hungry, lean, and snowy winter nights. And more babies are born during full moons. So, what better day to give birth to my blog?

I am Sydney Wellman. I live in Pittsburgh PA and I create stuff. My academic background includes a BS in Graphic Design, and MA in Professional Writing. By day I work as a Technical Writer. But, more importantly, by night, weekends, and holidays I live in my art studio. My sanctuary. My nest. I am also a knowledge junkie and bibliophile with hundreds of books in my library. Reading is another passion. I love nature. I am artist, writer, organizer. I feel art. I am art.

Okay, I know, there are bazillions of blogs. Actually, two blogs are born every second! So, why create another one? I want to share my art and writing with you. I will posts about art, my thoughts, inspirations and, well, just other stuff I want to write about. It's my sincere wish to put a smile on your face, share some good resources, provide some insight, a little joy, and hopefully make some new friends. We all need those. Welcome to Purple & Prose.

So, on this day of firsts, if you hear howling tonight under the full moon--don't fret. It's just me, cause it's my turn.