Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bella Buttons!

One of my back-burner projects is now front-burner- worthy and cooking with a full head of steam. Recently, my manager (and friend) Andrea entered the craft market with her nimble knitting (say that 10 times fast) fingers and started creating scarves. I suggested that she knit also neck warmers because they are faster, more cost-efficient, and just a little different.

They just cross at the neckline, fastened with a button—created by yours truly! Andrea made her craft show premier last week and the neck warmers sold like hotcakes! My buttons were also a hit—and Bella Buttons was officially born. Didn’t we love rummaging through our mother’s button boxes? My mother’s was actually a big round tin. I loved when she said to me, “Go find a button this size” to sew onto something. Sifting through that tin was like a mini treasure hunt. Therefore, with that in mind, my craft display was a big box of newly born buttons!

Why Bella?

1. It means beautiful in Italian, (I’m still on a high from my Italy trip with my “Bella” Annie)
2. I get off on alliteration
3. It sounds like belly button, and that makes me smile. But I digress.

Here’s the fruits of my labor (ha-ha, get it? Labor? Belly button, *sigh*)