Monday, February 22, 2010

First Steps into Polymer Clay

The year was 2001. I bought my first packs of polymer clay. It was Sculpey and could hardly believe how happy it made me--put me right into THE ZONE. I sat and played for six hours non-stop. At that time I had no idea of the unbelievable possibilities ahead of me.

Enter the giraffe. This was a gift that my friend Phyllis gave to me—a whimsical giraffe sculpture. Inspired by the cuteness, the words, “I could make that!” just flew out of my mouth.

Over the next several days, I was still inspired and while pondering my options, I concluded that people were more interesting than animals. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE animals, but the character possibilities of making people were endless. I bought Maureen Carlson’s book “Sculpting Friends and Family” and started experimenting. Here was my very funny first attempt - Suzanna Liberty.

Not long after some experimenting was I hopping on a plane to take the class from Maureen at her most excellent Center for Creative Arts  in Jordan Minneapolis. Thanks, Mo! The instruction was excellent but I was a slow learner. This was the sculpt of Mary in her garden holding a primitive weeder thingy.

So, that was then. This is now. Two of my 18" art dolls. On the left is Queen Mama. "She" is not exactly gender specific and lounges on a fainting couch. On the right is Lady Marmalade. Their heads, hands, and feet are sculpted from polymer clay. The bodies are soft sculpted. The costumes are my original pattern designs (and I really hate sewing).

And to think it all started with a Giraffe!


  1. Wow.... great work, love your dolls !

  2. What a great story. Makes me believe there might be hope in me yet, LOL. Smiles