Friday, February 19, 2010

Art Journaling

Years ago when I started sculpting art dolls I wanted to document the process in a journal. But, of course being somewhat of a perfectionist (somewhat?) I just could not use any old journal it had to be unique—and that quickly added another project to my plate. I constructed a simple journal, ala Teesha Moore. I was happy with the outcome,  so the process and continued to make another art journal for general daily art journaling.

After traveling with a journal for the first time, I quickly realized that the size was too cumbersome to pack so I scaled them down to a packable size to be tucked inside my backpack and my travel purse. They fit beautifully with a little room left over for a few pens and markers.

I continue to make journals for special trips and occasions. This journal traveled to Italy. She (all my things are gender-specific) had an excellent time with me journaling at the Coliseum in Rome, and in St. Marks piazza in Venice. Oh the blissfulness!

These are the journals that I use to make art, experiment, write, or just doodle. I can get lost in the process--the zone. Stay tuned for the inside journal pages...where most of the fun lies.

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