Saturday, March 5, 2011

Paste Papers Part 2

Continuing my experiments, I added Clear Gesso to some mixed paste colors as a thickener. This made a difference in the design on the watercolor paper—the designs held together better with more definition. I also coated some paper with gesso, using white, gold and black. The gold and black are stunning!

I feel like a mad scientist in the labORatory…Muahhhahaha…mixing more and more concoctions of paint and paste, adding Pearl Ex to others! Papers flying! Accckkkk! I need to expand my studio! I need a bigger table!

I’m mainly using a credit card and an Afro comb (dating myself?) a.k.a hair pick to make designs. I also like the look of the pulled papers (placing one on the other and pulling it off). I’m starting to use the dried papers to layer on more designs in another color. Fantastico! (Oops, sorry I just slipped into my Italian language mode for a words are limited to the aforementioned, Mama Mia, and Bella). I am also using stencils, rubber stamps, toothbrush (not my daily one, mind you, I have purple hair, I don’t need matching purple teeth). In part 3, I will tell you about a different paste, and different papers. Help me, I can’t stop! Mama Mia.

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