Sunday, April 4, 2010

Salvaged Vacation and Lynn Whipple

Well, here I am finally after a vacation in sunny Orlando and not being able to enjoy it. Blah! When we landed last Saturday I had the sniffles. Just the generic kind, allergies maybe...or so I thought. By Sunday it was a full-blown sinus infection. So, off to the local Urgent Care pill pusher's office I went. Long story short, after mucho meds and a denied claim to my insurance I was able to salvage ONE day on Friday. The last day of vacation.

Due to the power of social networking I saw that artist extraordinaire, Lynn Whipple was painting in her backyard overlooking a lake in Winter Park, FL. This was just 30 minutes from where I was located. It sounded heavenly to me and my sorrowful head. Lynn and her husband John were opening their exhibition at the Lake Eustis Museum of Art that evening. HYPNOTIC ODDITIES from a WHIMSICAL UNIVERSE.
I could hardly contain myself at this opportunistic news! We jumped (well, actually sauntered cause remember, I'm dizzy) in the car and headed north to Winter Park to get a glimpse of their McRae Art Studio and then on to Eustis for the opening reception.

Just by chance, Donne Bitner was there working in her studio and graciously gave us an impromptu tour. I was thrilled to be in my element of working artists and felt better, instantly. Thanks again Donne!

As we walked into the Art Museum in Eustis, Lynn was standing at the door. We were then introducing ourselves, both shrieking at the power of social networking that was responsible for getting me there. Meeting Lynn and viewing their incredible art was the salvaging moment of this otherwise not-to-good trip. I was able to experience Winter Park, FL for a possible relocation of Purple Barn Studios, and I was able to make another live connection and real friend from a Facebook friend. This is a very good thing.

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