Friday, March 12, 2010

WhineStoppers ...Chapter 2

My sculpting has gotten out of hand (in a good way) and I’ve managed to create 60 of these little buggers. Even though I’ve been a visual artist all my life, I am new to the selling-my-art game. Doing the festival circuit has always been one of my goals, but it hasn’t come together until now. When developing my plan, it wasn’t long before I figured out that maybe people who purchased these whimsical creations may also want to display them—as opposed to throwing them in a kitchen drawer into a life of seclusion. I went through many versions trying to create the perfect display—holders for one, two, and three at the most. They could be something that my soul mate (my left-brained partner, otherwise known as husband, Ted) could create from wood. They had to be relatively small, easy to transport and priced low. Classic stained wood was the first solution then the second was painted wood. However, this idea never quite got off the ground. Then, a couple of weeks ago I bolted upright in bed in both an A-Ha! and Duh! moment. It was one of those “why didn’t I think of this before” slap on the side of the head. The holder to display these heads would be the body! Of course! So, here they are—Whiney Hineys! Also sculpted from polymer, they are interchangeable bodies that can fit any WhineStopper head.

I have applied to my first serious outdoor festival in Cary, N.C. If I’m accepted, I’ll buy a festival tent and take this show on the road. Wish me luck and stay tuned on that, but for now if you need me, I’ll be in the studio …

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  1. these are wonderful. I am really enjoying looking at them (and the story behind them, of course). Thanks for sharing. I want so badly to be able to sculpt, but just can't get the mouth and then completely destroy the rest of the face trying to get the mouth just right, LOL. Have a great day. Smiles