Friday, February 12, 2010

Purple Barn Studios – The Concept

I alluded to this in my previous post. The purple barn that now only lives inside my head. Purple Barn Studios is real, but not quite. The name exists, the business exists...kinda. The physical 5-10 acre property is probably somewhere in North Carolina....I think. It may be in Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Raleigh, or even Charlotte. Not too far from civilization, the airport, (or Nordstrom's)! I am building a new home and a barn to house Purple Barn Studios! Unless the world comes to an end, I will finally have my barn. My BIG BARN!

The name Purple Barn Studios is plural because of the different "studios" standing for the different medias and artists. Polymer clay studio, bookart studio, textile studio, journaling studio, painting studio. You get the idea.

The business. It's simple - all things art. Creating, collaborating, teaching, selling, and forever learning.

The plan. First, this is my creative space to create. In addition, I will sponsor visiting art instructors to hold workshops and they will be able to stay in their own loft bedroom with full bath and kitchen area. I will open the studio for Open Studio nights. This will be for local artists to stop by and work on their UFOs, schmooze, collaborate, or walk the backyard labyrinth under a full moon (next to the fairy garden). I also plan to teach workshops in each "studio". Or in whatever mood I happen to be in at any given time. ;-).

Target date: Spring of 2012.

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